The Viget Book of CMS

Your guide to choosing the right CMS.

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What You'll Learn

  • A comparison of WordPress and other popular off-the-shelf options
  • Why our #1 choice is not WordPress
  • Why a custom CMS may be a better choice in certain cases
  • What you should know about CMS security
  • How to choose a CMS for ecommerce
  • Practical examples from seven case studies

Table of Contents

  • Intro: A letter from the CEO
  • Section 1: What is a CMS?
  • Section 2: Do you even need a CMS?
  • Section 3: What kind of CMS is the best fit?
  • Section 4: What CMS should you use?
  • Section 5: Miscellaneous and Special Cases
  • Section 6: Case Studies
  • Conclusion