What we do.

We’re a team of 65 designers, developers, and strategists. Projects range from afternoon workshops to multi-year partnerships, but most are between 3 weeks and 3 months. Our most typical engagements are:

Our work.

Viget has had the opportunity to redefine how to tackle digital platforms for an array of startups, and has helped exponentially increase engagement, usage, and awareness for those brands.

Seth Godin Founder, Squidoo

“There are very few that manage to pull off the kind of work that Viget does. They were on time, on budget and most important, they didn't cause anyone to lose sleep.”

Why Viget?

Startups are risky enough already.

Don’t make yours worse by cobbling together a ragtag team of individuals who’ve never worked together and haven’t done this before. Working with our experienced teams to execute all or some of your idea more quickly reduces your execution risk.

We were Lean before Lean was cool.

We love focusing on minimum viable products and getting working code in front of real users to validate decisions, gain insights, and iterate. We'll be the voice of reason when you ask us to add just one more quick feature two days before a release.

Learn from us.

We don’t work in a vacuum. We teach while we work. Technical founders will learn best practices about building scalable, maintainable code faster using the latest proven tools. Designer founders will learn how to extend core design principles across an evolving application. All types of founders will learn the fundamentals of strong user experience design, iterative development, and an almost-insane focus on the right metrics.

A team built for you.

We're used to working with startups of different life-cycle stages. If you bring new devs on partway through our engagement, we're happy to pair program or otherwise ramp up and transition to your team. If you want us to design and build out pages but have your team code the backend, that works too. We can even weigh in on hiring decisions.