About Us

Forget stereotypical developers. We’re humble, we’re collaborative, and we explain things in plain English. We’re nice to people, and ruthless to our work. We build v1s for up-and-coming startups, and apps for some of the world’s largest brands.

On Github, we’re albaermackermedia, davist11, dce, efatsi, ten1seven, leobauzajeremyfrank, ipbrennan90oletssolomonhawk, nhunzaker, yaychris, gregkohncwmanning, zporter, reagent, h0tl33t, greypants, benjtinsley, and mzlock.

We're skeptical of buzzwords and rigid methodologies. We follow common-sense ideas about modern software development. Think about users (yes, user-centered design). Fight complexity (yes, minimum viable product). Test rigorously (yes, test-driven development). Think strategically and solve problems. Have strong, well-grounded preferences but be flexible in approach, tools, and process. Dare we say, be agile.

Our thoughts.