June 8, 2016

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Why Content Marketing is Critical to Ecommerce

How did you make your last big purchase? You may have ultimately bought it online but likely first visited a store, talked to an expert, or discussed it with other enthusiasts to get a more holistic experience before buying.

In these decisions, a brand’s story plays a key part in how they sell products, something often lost on e-commerce sites. It's now necessary to develop rich content for audiences to accompany digital purchasing experiences. In a recent Hubspot article, Greg Wise describes how “Big brands realize they need so much more than a picture and description to sell products. They’re all about selling a lifestyle, and that means bigger, better content is needed to engage consumers.”

What kind of content do purchasers need? It should be less about the hard-sell and focused more on the brand promises. Video, lifestyle imagery, and real-life customer stories, among others, are great avenues to create genuine interest and a stronger connection between the customer and brand.

With this in mind, we worked with GoPole to create a site that reflected the active lifestyle of their audience. Strategic animation and user-generated content provided an ideal experience for their adventurous, fun-loving consumers. Find out more below:

Read About GoPole - GoPole.com

Community Thoughts on Why Content Marketing is Critical to Ecommerce...

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  3. 3. 5 Ecommerce Content Marketing Trends for 2016 “While the vast majority of ecommerce related content created in 2016 will probably be written by humans, machine-generated content could become a hot topic and a possible solution to a nagging ecommerce problem, writing product descriptions.”
  4. 4. 12 useful content marketing examples from ecommerce brands “Like Net-A-Porter, Patagonia places its content prominently on the site. The homepage is taken over by promotions for three videos. It also has blogs covering climbing, skiing, trail running and more. None opt for the hard sell, but products are displayed in context along the way.”
  5. 5. 8 Noteworthy Examples of Inspired Ecommerce Content Marketing “Although grappling with this content-driven approach - which eschews hard-sell ‘interruptive’ techniques for a more nuanced, nurturing style of marketing - is a bit of a scary prospect for many, we’re starting to see a lot of ecommerce brands get really creative with the content they’re creating and how they incorporate it into their site.”

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