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The Top 5 Articles Read on in 2022

By Chennelle Miller, Former Marketing and Communications Manager

We love data at Viget almost as much as we love sharing what we learn with our community in order to make the web a better place. Each of our articles aims to provide quality, creative, educational, and relevant content that is valuable to our peers and clients.

Our very first article was posted on July 17, 2000. Fast-forward to 2022. This year we have posted 60 articles ranging a myriad of topics. But don't get caught up in the numbers (though it's hard not to). We want our readers to get caught up in the content. What was your takeaway? Did you share it with someone? Did you apply it to a project? How did it improve your knowledge base? How can what we share allow you to improve the web (and the world)?

With that said, it would be fun to look at what articles you, our audience, are reading. Of our articles published this year, the top 5 most viewed articles accumulated nearly 47,000 pageviews.

The top five most-read articles published on in 2022 included the following:

1. Local Docker Best Practices

Brief Summary: "If you run a lot of different apps like we do, containerizing your dev environment is a huge productivity boost. Here at Viget, Docker has become an indispensable tool for local development. We build and maintain a ton of apps across the team, running different stacks and versions, and being able to package up a working dev environment makes it much, much easier to switch between apps and ramp up new devs onto projects."

2. Your Notion Certified Study Guide is Here

Brief Summary: "Preparing to become Notion Certified? Find out what you should expect from the application process and which skills to brush up on before taking the Notion Essentials exam."

3. Typing Components in Svelte

Brief Summary: "Built-in tools for typing your Svelte components."

4. Pandoc: A Tool I Use and Like

Brief Summary: "Pandoc is a fantastic tool for converting between markup formats. Here are a few of the ways I use it."

5. Using GitHub Pages to Build, Deploy and Host Next.js

Brief Summary: "A guide to shoehorning Next.js projects into the GitHub Pages ecosystem, with GitHub Actions for building and deploying on push and Imgix for image hosting."

We hope there’s something valuable for you in one of the above posts, if not one of the other 60 articles we shared this year.

As 2022 winds to a close, we are already planning, creating, and discovering new ideas we’ll be writing about in 2023.

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