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New Paths to UI Development Careers

Andrew Mosby

By Andrew Mosby, UI Development Director

Are you ready for a change in the world of UI development? The traditional path of HTML, CSS, and JS is shifting, and the staying power of React has transformed the landscape for UI developers. Aspiring developers and hiring managers, buckle up!

Discover how this trend is reshaping the industry and learn why mastering HTML and CSS—along with accessibility practices—is more crucial than ever. Get ready to stand out from the crowd and build better, more usable products. It’s time to adapt and embrace the winds of change in our ever-evolving world of UI development!


Articles We Love

  1. 1. User Inyerface Have an aggravating time working through this challenging exploration of user interactions and design patterns.
  2. 2. Ticketmaster: the UX of a true monopoly “If you’re asking for any data permissions upfront (e.g., contacts, notifications or location tracking) challenge the assumption that you’re providing real value for that request. If you’re not, how can you ask in-context of a benefit?”

What We’re Up To

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Applications are open for the Fall 2023 Viget apprenticeships! These paid training programs are designed to accelerate your career in UX, visual design, engineering, project management, UX research, or product design. Apply now to join us this Fall!

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AI has quickly dominated the media and become a daily presence. So now what? Join Viget Product Designer Jackie Yu on Wednesday June 28 at 1PM ET to learn more about how our team is thinking about AI, opportunities for use, and how to do so responsibly.


Pointless Corp. is the innovation lab at Viget, where we step away from client work to make fun and useful things for everyone. This year, that included designing and building a word-association game in 48 hours. Read this article to see how we did it.


In May, we teamed up with our friends at Triangle UXPA to host virtual portfolio reviews for emerging UX designers. In this article, VP of UX & Design Jackson Fox shares 7 tips to help managers make the most of their next portfolio review.

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