September 14, 2016

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“People following directions with text and illustrations do 323% better than people following directions without illustrations" according to research.

Illustrations on the web are more than just pretty pictures and visual delight. They can make content more engaging, persuade audiences to a call-to-action, and are fun to share. Instead of defaulting to boring stock photos or bodies of text, illustrations can break down how your product works or tell a unique brand story.

We recently launched an illustration-heavy children’s interactive learning site for the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) called “Pablo Python.” The goal was to engage a young audience with mini-games that quizzed them about animals and their habitats.

Read About Wildlife Conservation Society - Pablo Python

Community Thoughts on Illustration...

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  4. 4. Land of the Magic Flute “Interactive Graphic Novel” The Land of the Magic Flute is a modern and fast-paced adaptation of the classic. Intricate hand-drawn illustrations and animations and a musical concept that plays with Mozart’s composition create a rich and unique world.

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