August 3, 2016

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Conversion Rate Optimization

The aim of every digital product is to spur action. Understanding users and possessing the right experience to design and build applications makes for a solid foundation, but reaching an ideal conversion rate requires refinement. How do you kick it up a notch to increase purchases, signups, or other actions? Conversion Rate Optimization.

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Community Thoughts on Conversion Rate Optimization...

  1. 1. Optimization Mistakes that Kill Startups “If the value of your core product is weak, doubling the percentage of users that get there won’t help much. And it will actually hurt you because every unit of effort put into optimization is one less unit that you can put into improving your core product. Products that don’t become a “must have” almost always fail.”
  2. 2. The LIFT Model: Use these six factors to increase your conversion rate “Many of our clients come to us after running out of ideas on what to test. In each case, the structured methodology we use to evaluate pages and develop valid test hypotheses has played an important role in that conversion rate lift.”
  3. 3. Reduce the Risk of Adding New Website Features with a Painted Door Test “What you’ll get from this post: An introduction to a unique testing method that could help reduce wasted resources and the risk associated with feature development.”
  4. 4. How to Find and Eliminate “Friction Words” in Your Web Copy “Here’s wassup: The shorter the copy, the less time people think they need to spend on it – when, in fact, short copy is hard to write and should demand more attention from the copy hacker. Great buttons take time to write.”

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