April 29, 2016

Let’s Talk About:

Assumptions, Meet Research

Making unexamined assumptions about what users want and how they behave is a great way to burn time and money perfectly executing the wrong plan. Instead, thinking critically to identify the things we’re taking for granted turns assumptions into hypotheses that we can test with research.

At Viget, we leave no assumption unexamined, using a variety of lightweight research methods to fill in the knowledge gaps that make the difference between success and failure.

Research & Testing at Viget

Community Thoughts on Assumptions, Meet Research...

  1. 1. Cultivating Shared Understanding from Collaborative User Research “When you bring a stakeholder in and you’re like, ‘Watch this, and see the power, and feel the change in your own mind when you see all of your assumptions blown away’ – those are really, really powerful moments.”
  2. 2. Why WeWork UX won’t have a research team “Research is a design practice. Separating between research and design into different reporting structures creates a wall between two roles that so naturally connect with one another. Research leads to design, design triggers research.”
  3. 3. From Airbnb: The Real Value Of UX Research “In the current digital product landscape, UX research’s real value is in helping to reduce uncertainty. And while that’s not as sexy as knowing everything about everything, there’s great value in it. In fact, it’s critical.”
  4. 4. When to Use Which User-Experience Research Methods “To better understand when to use which method, it is helpful to view them along a 3-dimensional framework with the following axes: Attitudinal vs. Behavioral, Qualitative vs. Quantitative, [and] Context of Use.”
  5. 5. The GV research sprint: a 4-day process for answering important startup questions “We’ve optimized a research process that provides maximum learning as quickly as possible. It’s called a research sprint, and we’ve helped more than 100 startups use this process to learn more, make better decisions, and move faster.”

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