Newsletter September 18, 2023

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A Platform for Influence

By Pascale Georges, Former Project Management Director

When Viget collaborated with the Bezos Earth Fund to redesign their website, our goal was to create a platform for thought leadership and influence.

While many funds and foundations hone in on one niche that narrows their scope, the Bezos Earth Fund’s niche of tackling climate change is an inherently all-encompassing endeavor. The enormous variety of its investments — from protecting the Tropical Andes to developing zero-carbon ships — necessitated a strategic approach to the site. We had to craft a strategy supported by a brand narrative and intuitive UX.

We started with a workshop with the Bezos Earth Fund team to identify the organization's communication strategy, challenges, and opportunities. Leveraging that discussion as the foundation for the user experience and visual design for the site, we collaborated through build, launch, and post-launch enhancements to craft a bold, new platform. As a home for wide-reaching influence, the site’s speed and ease of scaling is designed to match the pace and magnitude of Bezos Earth Fund’s giving.

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