The Viget apprenticeship is a 10-week, paid training program designed to accelerate your career

We are actively seeking candidates for this position! The deadline to apply is August 14th. When you're ready, please complete the job application form at the bottom of this page.

We don’t have “sales people” at Viget. We all sell Viget all the time, mostly by doing great work and sharing what we know. Selling custom consulting services at an agency like Viget is different from selling traditional products or packaged services. It’s consultative. Each opportunity is a new problem to solve, a new strategy to develop—and requires a new, novel approach.

As our Digital Strategy Apprentice, you’ll learn as much about business strategy as you will about traditional selling. You’ll work closely with Senior Digital Strategists, gain an understanding of the digital industry, from products to digital marketing, from consumer apps to enterprise platforms. You’ll learn about the breadth of Viget services, the art of asking good questions, how to “sell” the Viget way, and, through it all, you’ll document and share what you’re learning.

The Basics

  • The Digital Strategy Apprenticeship is offered as a remote position this year for US-based candidates.

  • The apprenticeship lasts 10 weeks, from September 14 to November 20, 2020.

  • Apprentices are expected to work 40 hours/week (9-5, M-F, but we can be flexible).

  • Total compensation of $6,000.

  • You must have the permanent, legal right to work in the US. We are unable to offer work visa sponsorship at this time.

About You (You may not be all of these things yet, and that's okay!):

  • You are entrepreneurial and business savvy. Your lemonade stand turned a profit. You’re known for sensing a business opportunity miles away.

  • You love the Internet and are excited about the tech industry.

  • You're the first among your friends not just to know about the latest trends in the web and tech industries, but to tinker and experiment with the tools themselves.

  • You get things done. No matter what you're doing, you take pride in your work. You enjoy responsibility and you know that real effort pays off daily.

  • You are a self-starter and aren't afraid to develop your own projects and attack them. Sitting around idly isn't your cup of tea.

  • You find your own ways to contribute and add value to teams.

  • You’re an exceptional communicator—a great writer, a confident speaker, and a keen listener—who can build trust and rapport in an authentic way.

  • You are extremely well-organized. You can handle several projects at once without anything slipping through the cracks.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The basics of UX, design, front-end development, application development, and analytics. You should be able to speak the language and understand core concepts by the end of the apprenticeship.

  • You’ll review RFPs (Request for Proposals) and inbound leads, conducting initial research on prospective clients and their needs.

  • You’ll participate in the proposal and pitch process, writing compelling content and preparing presentations for digital products, ideas, campaigns, and websites.

  • You’ll brainstorm ideas and develop creative responses to engagement opportunities, working alongside designers, copywriters, and technologists to develop a practical, yet ambitious, vision for an engagement.

How to Apply:

Please use the form below to introduce yourself. We ask that everyone attach their resume and submit a thoughtful cover letter, which we hope will include specifics about your interest in the Viget Apprenticeship program and how your previous experience and career goals relate to the position described. The form goes directly to Margaret, so feel free to write it as an email to her. She will reply as soon as possible. Examples of your previous work are also much appreciated. Note: If you're interested in more than one Apprenticeship role, you only need to submit one application. You'll have a chance to let us know later on if you'd like to be considered for more than one role.

We are proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer and we’re committed to creating an inclusive workplace. We value the new perspectives and contributions of each person who joins Viget. In order to meet the diverse needs of our clients and make the digital world better for everyone, we seek to expand the diversity of our team. We designed the Viget Apprenticeship to accelerate the professional development of career-changers and individuals early in their careers, and we encourage people from underrepresented groups in particular to apply.

Before you get in touch, feel free to learn more about Emily and Margaret on Viget's People Team. You can also get to know us better on Twitter, Flickr, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, and by exploring

We maintain a drug-free workplace. We are unable to offer work visa sponsorship at this time.


Thanks for your interest — we look forward to hearing from you!

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