Viget Labs Presenting at Rails Conf '07

As details about registration were released, we were excited to hear that the proposal Ben submitted ("Building and Working with Static Sites in Ruby on Rails") was chosen as one of the presentations for the conference. The material for this talk comes from his work developing and deploying a mini-framework within Rails to handle custom content management and presentation of static content. This allowed us to deliver a fully functional site to the Alexandria Convention and Visitors Association without the need for them to continue hand-editing their event listings. Besides the talk he will be delivering at Rails Conf, Ben has been active in the Rails community for quite awhile. Most recently, he was ranked #8 in the Working With Rails Hackfest competition (sponsored by CDBaby) and has had several patches accepted into the Rails core. If you're interested in heading to this year's conference, local user groups are offering discount codes to help defray the registration cost. If the current rate of sign-ups continues (1/3 of the seats were filled the first day), this event is sure to sell out quickly!

Patrick Reagan

Patrick is development director in Viget's Boulder, CO, office. He writes clean Ruby code and automates system infrastructure for clients such as Shure and Volunteers of America.

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