Join Your Friends at Viget for the “Tour de Avery”

Hello Boulder friends. To celebrate the wonderful spring weather, we're organizing an event we're calling the "Tour de Avery". The idea is simple:

  1. Grab your bike (or rent one from a B-cycle kiosk)
  2. Meet by Boulder Creek
  3. Ride the bike paths to everyone's favorite brewery
  4. Maaaaaaybe cool off with a cold beer when you get there

If this sounds like it's your thing, come join us on June 6th at 4pm by RSVP'ing here. The route to Avery is a total of 5 miles each way, and we'll be taking both the Boulder Creek and Goose Creek paths to get there:

Tour Map

Hope to see you there!

Patrick Reagan

Patrick is development director in Viget's Boulder, CO, office. He writes clean Ruby code and automates system infrastructure for clients such as Shure and Volunteers of America.

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