Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Theft


The offending image has been removed (along with the ClinicalReader Twitter account … strange.)

This post originally appeared on Pointless Corp.

We owe a great deal of our early success to FeedStitch’s fantastic visual design. What you see today was no small feat for Owen, our designer, who subsisted on nothing but Tab and Run DMC records while we pelted him in the head with box after box of Adidas.

While it has been a boost to our collective egos to see the design featured on numerous CSS and design galleries across the web, we were really flattered when we saw a very similar rendition. I’m happy that the folks behind Clinical Reader thought so highly of our design that they decided to pay tribute to our original (thanks to Chris Martin for the head’s up).

Patrick Reagan

Patrick is development director in Viget's Boulder, CO, office. He writes clean Ruby code and automates system infrastructure for clients such as Shure and Volunteers of America.

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